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Melanotan-2 refers to a lab-made chemical like a hormone that’s found in humans. Research studies have found it is an artificial analog. Of the naturally happening alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormonal agent.



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Melanotan-2 refers to a lab-made chemical hormone that’s found in humans. Research studies have found it is an artificial analogue of the naturally occurring alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormonal agent.

Melanotan 2 acts like the substance in the body known as “Melanocyte-stimulating Hormone”. It increases skin darkening pigment production. Melanotan 2 is also utilized as an efficient melanogenesis tanning peptide. For many years, Melanotan II has turned into one of the most popular sunless tanning peptides on the market. Research studies produced Melanotan 2 could dealing with skin cancer and skin problems such as vitiligo.

Melanotan-2 may also work in the brain, stimulating penis erections in men. This is usually given in men with Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Studies have shown Melanotan 2 has shown to produce an effective sex drive. In addition, research has suggested it has sexual performance-enhancing abilities.

For research Only, it has been shown in studies to be an efficient fat loss property. It acts upon your body to decrease hunger by targeting the appetite-suppression receptors in the brain and leading to weight loss.

Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9 | Molecular Weight: 1024.2 g/mol

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